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Fund Development

The clearest advantage to hiring a fundraising consulting group lies in cost savings and better stewardship of resources. The annual cost to contract for specialized fundraising services through our fund/grant development services is a fraction of  maintaining an employee’s salary, overhead and benefits.

Beyond the direct expense, an in-house individual fundraiser is still only one individual. Working with a consulting group multiplies your fundraising advantage by drawing on the skills and experiences of an entire department of experts. More significantly, the majority of entry-level development staff stay in their position 24 months or less, on average. This raises the costs for a non-profit to recruit, train and retain competent development staff on an ongoing basis.

A full-service consulting group mitigates these problems by offering clients a highly diverse team of professional fundraisers, with a broad range of experience and specialized skills sets – and who are ready to respond to client requests and inquiries at a moment’s notice.

All revenue will go to provide free personal and professional classes to low income individuals/families and military veterans.    

Please contact us for a free consultation.

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